Path Planning for A Fixed Wing Micro Air Vehicle in Fuzzy Quadtree Framework

S. Ghosh, A. Halder and M. Sinha

7th European Micro Air Vehicle Conference, Toulouse, France, Sep. 2007.

Abstract: In this paper, a path planner is proposed for a fixed wing micro air vehicle (MAV), in the framework of fuzzy quadtrees. It is shown that a fuzzy version of the quadtree planner is apt for micro air vehicle applications with severe space, power and budgetary constraints. The algorithm can significantly reduce both space and time complexity and still yield an optimal and safe path for the vehicle. Typical MAV path planning issues like presence of pop-up obstacles, vehicle dimensions and safety measures for congested environment have been accounted in the code. In addition, the turn rate kinematics of the MAV has been considered as a constraint during quadtree generation.