Architecture and Algorithms for Privacy Preserving Thermal Inertial Load Management by A Load Serving Entity

A. Halder, X. Geng, P.R. Kumar and L. Xie

IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, Vol. 32, No. 4, pp. 3275-3286, 2017.

Abstract: Motivated by the growing importance of demand response in modern power system's operations, we propose an architecture and supporting algorithms for privacy preserving thermal inertial load management as a service provided by the load serving entity (LSE). We focus on an LSE managing a population of its customers' air conditioners, and propose a contractual model where the LSE guarantees quality of service to each customer in terms of keeping their indoor temperature trajectories within respective bands around the desired individual comfort temperatures. We show how the LSE can price the contracts differentiated by the flexibility embodied by the width of the specified bands. We address architectural questions of (i) how the LSE can strategize its energy procurement based on price and ambient temperature forecasts, (ii) how an LSE can close the real time control loop at the aggregate level while providing individual comfort guarantees to loads, without ever measuring the states of an air conditioner for privacy reasons. Control algorithms to enable our proposed architecture are given, and their efficacy is demonstrated on real data.