Conference/Workshop Organization


  • Associate Editor, Systems and Control Letters, [June 2022 -- present]

  • Associate Editor, IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems, [Jan 2019 -- Dec 2020]

  • Associate Editor, IEEE Control Systems Society (CSS) Conference Editorial Board (CEB), [June 2019 -- present]


  • Journal paper
    IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control (15)
    Automatica (12)
    SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization (4)
    SIAM Review (1)
    IEEE Transactions on Information Theory (2)
    IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems (5)
    IEEE Transactions on Artificial Intelligence (1)
    IEEE Transactions on Control of Network Systems (1)
    IEEE Control Systems Letters (12)
    IEEE Control Systems Magazine (1)
    International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control (2)
    International Journal of Control (1)
    IMA Journal of Mathematical Control and Information (1)
    IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters (1)
    AIAA Journal of Guidance, Control, and Dynamics (2)
    ASME Journal on Dynamic Systems, Measurement and Control (24)
    Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications (1)
    Optimal Control Applications and Methods (2)
    IET Control Theory & Applications (1)
    IEEE Transactions on Power Systems (3)
    IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid (7)
    IEEE Internet of Things Journal (4)
    IEEE Transactions on Computational Imaging (1)
    Proceedings of the Royal Society A (1)
    Advances in Space Research (1)
    Electric Power Systems Research (3)
    Energy Science & Engineering (1)
    Energies (2)

  • Conference paper
    International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Statistics (3)
    Neural Information Processing Systems (5)
    International Conference on Machine Learning (3)
    IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (27)
    American Control Conference (35)
    Mathematical Theory of Networks and Systems (3)
    IEEE Multi-conference on Systems and Control (1)
    European Control Conference (1)
    Indian Control Conference (2)
    IEEE Power & Energy Society General Meeting (1)
    IEEE Conference on Robotics and Automation (2)
    ASME Dynamic Systems and Control Conference (1)
    IEEE International Conference on Intelligent and Advanced Systems (1)
    IFAC Workshop on Cyber-Physical & Human-Systems (2)

  • Book
    Springer Mathematics (1)

  • Grant proposal
    University Grants Academy, San Jose State University

Selected University Service

  • Member, Best Dissertation Award Committee, Cyber-Physical Systems Research Center, UC Santa Cruz, [2022 -- present]

  • Member, Faculty Hiring Committee on Scientific Machine Learning, Department of Applied Mathematics, UC Santa Cruz, [2022--23]

  • Senate Committee Member for Committee on Library and Scholarly Communication, UC Santa Cruz, [2022--23]

  • Senate Committee Member, Committee of Research, UC Santa Cruz, [2019--20]

  • Member, Website Committee, Baskin School of Engineering, UC Santa Cruz, [2019--20]

  • Member, Graduate Committee, Department of Applied Mathematics, UC Santa Cruz, [2018 -- present]