2016 Reading Group on Teams, Games and Information Structures

Schedule (10 AM - 12 noon)

When Where What Who
July 28
Fishbowl Optimization review Bharadwaj
August 4
Fishbowl Calculus of Variations review Abhishek
August 8
333C Optimal Control review Abhishek
August 11
Fishbowl Game Theory review Jonathan

R. Radner, Team Decision Problems (1962)

H.S. Witsenhausen, A Counterexample in Stochastic Optimum Control (1968)

Y.-C. Ho, and K.-C. Chu, Team Decision Theory and
Information Structures in Optimal Control Problems--Part I (1972)

A. Rantzer, Linear Quadratic Team Theory Revisited (2006)

M. Rotkowitz, and S. Lall, A Characterization of Convex Problems in Decentralized Control (2006)

Y.-C. Ho, and F.K. Sun, Value of Information in Two-team Zero-sum Problems (1974)

M. Colombino, T.H. Summers, and R.S. Smith, Quadratic Two-team Games (2015)